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Default It's not you, it's the 43...(P3 for Sale)

Long time no chat. I have a P3 Black 16gb for sale if anyone wants it! I'll start at $60; NOT firm.

A few things first. It has a rubber case around it that has paws on the back (I bought this online and it didn't show the back). I also have had a screen protector since I had it. I have had it RMA'd back in February (dropped and screen wouldn't work), but the screen came back stronger when returned to me. Also, about a month ago, when ever I plug it into a USB, the computer will throw an error up, but I just close that and it works like normal.

The only reason I am trying to sell this is to get my hands on an archos 43! It's so purrtty.

If interested, please just email me at hondo.mitchell at

PS. I will post pics up if any interest.

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Okie Dokie. I am guessing that there will be no takers. I bought the archos 43 and awaiting for New Egg to ship. If anyone has any interest, which I am flexible with the price (basically "best offer"), my email is the same. I will and go to Allied Records and see if they will buy it. I will update as needed.

Please note that I am not a spammer. I have had multiple mp3/video players including a iPod classic that died on me right after the warranty expired. So I took a hammer to it and read the top mp3 players of 2009 on this website. I hate that software is needed for a Zune/iPod, so I went with the P3. They make that sucker so slippery, that I dropped it at work right on the screen and it was no more. I only had it for a week. I RMA'd it and it took a month from shipping, repair and return. I got it back and have used it almost daily. I've had a screen protector since I received it back and a silicon cover on it.

ttyl peoples.

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I think that's not the good place for that; We have a marketplace subforum. Please post there.
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*

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