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Default problem with update

hello =)

i tried today to update my brand new D3. i bought it this morning, my first reflex, was to update it..and now, i regret it !!

i live in france, so my firmware is the european one : .V2.53(EU)

I followed the instructions, but i have the following error message during the installing firmware (3/4)
error occured while downloading firmware (error code :0017)

the probleme is, now, my D3 is "blank", with nothing on it, so i can't do anything. the only thing i got is "plenus" !!

i tried at home, at work, with Windows XP and Seven, always the same problem.

do you guy have any idea?

thank you a lot!!

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I did the same thing, upgrading from the volume-crippled EU firmware to the proper non-EU one. It went without issues for me.

You could try the steps described here: - other than that, I have no idea, you seem to be the first one to experience upgrade issues with the D3.
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Thank you for your answer.

unfortunately, i gave back my D3 to my local store, they didn't have one in exchange, so i get my money back...

thread closed =)
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