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Default New Zen X-Fi2 or Refurbished Zen

I'm ready to buy another Zen product, just because I've had great success with the Zen for a couple of years.

I can get a refurbished 16g Zen for $79.99 or a new 16g X-Fi 2for $137. Is the X-Fi2 really worth the price? It doesn't seem to have anything I really need that the Zen doesn't.

Thank you for any input.
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Nevermind...I've found enough things I don't like about the X-Fi that I will try my luck with a refurbished Zen.
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I believe that is the right choice from what I have heard about the Zen. Never owned any myself though which is why I refrained from giving any recommendations.
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Well, I happened to own a Zen MX and an X-Fi2, as well. Let me say this, "X-Fi" is not a gimmick, it actually works. Although, I find the sound quality to be very good on all Creative PMPs.
In many ways, the resistive touch screen on the X-Fi2 makes it harder to use than the Zen. I prefer the mechanical rocker switches on the Zen. That said, the X-Fi2 has some advantages over the Zen:

1. Bigger and better LCD screen. The screen is very nice on the X-Fi2.
2. Long batttery playing time on the X-Fi2
3. Higher (louder) sound output from the X-Fi2. Nice when going thru a "front aux".
4. X-Fi2 really does expand the soundstage

I bought my 16G X-Fi2 for $99, on sale. Given a choice, I would buy the X-Fi2 over the Zen. Once again, I'm not a big fan of the resistive touch screen, but the X-Fi2 still comes away as a very nice PMP, in my view.
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