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Default sansa fuze menu customization and folder name

1. Can I customize the menu? 80% of all the features and catagries I don't use at all like radio, pics, album, artists.... I only want to browse the music like I would browse on a computer through the "file view - music".

2. The folder names have a string of digits in front of them under the folder view, how to solve this?

3. Every time I turn on the fuze, it resume the music automatically, I want it to be on "last played" screen but not play it right away.

4. Is there a way to customize the touch wheel and buttons so it navigates completely like nano4?
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1. No, this is not possible at the moment.

2. These files were transferred in MTP mode. Switch the OF to MSC or upgrade to the current (USB-enabled) Rockbox bootloader and a current (post-3.10) RB build. You'll probably want to delete and retransfer affected folders.

3. Setting --> General --> Automatic Resume --> Automatic Resume --> No?

4. Not as far as I'm aware. You'd need to compile Rockbox yourself in order to be able to change the keymap.
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As for 1.) and 3.) combined:

Settings > General > System > Start Screen > Files or Previous Screen (whatever you prefer)
Settings > General > File View > Follow Playlist > Yes

and then set what Keyb_gr suggested above. Maybe that works for you. I would also suggest reading the manual, since it contains all the info about these settings.
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