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Default Bobby Carrot

This is a port of a classical animated puzzle game.
If you don't understand how to play, search the net, you find much better explanation than I can write.

Then unzipping for the player or the ADK simulator a folder must be created (naming the app) and then unzipping into that.

There is an invisible move button corresponding to move.png

The javascript code ported from can be found here:
there you also find a map editor.

Thanks to the work of user delirius
the downloaded zip file could be run with the love app from command-line


or renamed to to be associated with the love app.
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I think the art in the app is to small and I'm working on that. I also forgotten in my top-post to put in the link to the itunes free downloadable iphone app. No reason to download it, It's just put here as info.
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Looking good. ^^ Some custom made art which is easier to see could be an improvement indeed, but otherwise it seems nicely done.
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Maybe it can help you

Nice game

one more
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Nicely ported app. I especially like control scheme. Will you be putting some menu in? It would be nice to be able to choose levels.
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The iphone app has that bigger Bobby picture and also the bigger tileset so I'm using that.
As for menus selecting levels I have no easy solution to that as the number of levels are user definable by adding/deleting maps in the clvls.lua/elvls.lua. There is no limit for the number of levels. Instead I'll make "hold of homebutton" skip to next level. Maybe there ought to be a way to restart the level but I'am out of reasonable buttons and I like those app's that quit's then clicking homebutton (myself use to rename all my player apps by putting a front grade/mark letter to the name, so I can get most used apps first in the list and thereby easely started without scrolling).
All functionality of an updated app is done, it's only that time-taking remapping of the original 16x16 maps to 12x20 left.
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Default new version

The new things are:
  • slightly bigger art
  • added game sound
  • continuous moving bobby
  • possibility to skip level
  • love compatibility
  • fixed crash in one Easter egg map
  • (a simple map converter script, 'MapJsToLua.lua', takes js maps file to lua maps file)

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