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Default Vidoes on Zen x-fi2

Can anybody help - I am trying to put a copy of a DVD which I bought specifically with a digital copy for loading onto portable device but it won't play - says it's not a recognised format. It will, however, play on my older Zen X-fi

What an I doing wrong?
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What format is the file in?

Try reading this thread and see if you get any good ideas: Tutorial: Ripping DVDs to play on your ZEN X-Fi2
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If this video has a dmr protection on it(most digital copies that are included with a dvd do), then you can not play it on the zen-xfi2. No matter how you convert it. Though as mentioned by Habhome, you can rip it to obtain a dmr-free copy.
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which I bought specifically with a digital copy for loading onto portable device
what??? OMG
johowell, You are holy man.
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