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Default Rockbox problem with USB disconnect?

I read in a post somewhere that Rockbox has a problem if the "disconnect" wasn't clicked before a Fuze is disconnected. I'd appreciate knowing if this is true, and what the problem (if any) is. (I've already googled and can't find anything..)
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My experience in disconnecting Rockboxed players, including the Fuze, has been the same as disconnecting a non Rockboxed player. If you disconnect during an active file transfer, you risk file corruption. As long as there isn't a transfer in progress there shouldn't be a problem.

If it's a concern, follow whatever procedure is appropriate for safe removal\dismounting is appropriate for your OS. You shouldn't have any disconnection related problems then.
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Many moons ago I would do a safe disconnect but soon after I started just disconnecting all my players without any special procedure and I’ve never had a problem with or without rockbox (I only connect in MSC mode). We have 7 rockboxed players in our household but 2 are soon being decommissioned for parts even though they still work fine, they’re only 1GB v1 players or I might just use them for risky water activities.

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