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Default Looking for Player Software for Fuze+

I decided to buy Fuze+ after the good reviews I've read about it, what I didn't realize is the fact that SanDisk doesn't provide their own software for syncing...

I had an iPod nano before (the battery died after 5yrs) iTunes had made my life really easy with its separate music, playlist, video, audiobook etc categories, so what I'm looking for is a similar software for Fuze+ so that I can easily sync categories (especially playlists and audiobooks) 'cos I really started to hate my player and I don't have any more money to spend on buying another player any suggestion?

[I've tried Media Monkey but it doesn't seem to sync my playlists (I used the "send to Sansa Fuze+" and the playlists appear but they are empty)]
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If you must 'sync', Windows Media Player or Winamp will do it. But no, Sandisk does not coddle their 'sheep' like Apple does. There are some things they figure the user is (or should be) smart enough to do on their own.
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FYI, tina21 joined 37 days ago on 03/18/2012 made this post and never came back. I’m not sure where she read the good reviews about the Fuze+ but I doubt it was here

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