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Old 03-25-2012, 04:14 AM
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Default Creative Zen media Explorer - Playlist creator Question

Hey folks,
I have a question for an expert.

If i go into Zen media Explorer,
Then Manage playlists I see the window where i can add tracks that are loaded on the Zen player and create a playlist from these.

I can scroll through the tracks in alphabetical order, however, I have since added tracks to the zen since my last reformat and transfer of tracks.

These 20 or so tracks are not appearing in alphabetical order when viewing in the create playlist window. They appear at the bottom - after the tracks starting with "Z" and also these additional tracks are out of alphabetical order- within themselves- as well.

They *are* all in order when viewing the tracks in the "Browse media" area from the main menu.

My software update says I am using the latest version. (V 5.70.15)

Any suggestions for rectifying this or am I looking at formatting and reloading everytime if I want these in order?


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Old 03-31-2012, 03:39 PM
Dave_C Dave_C is offline
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That's the way it's supposed to work.
Looking at music in Browse Media it lists the mp3's in alphabetic order - just like a file list.
In the Manage Playlists window it lists the files in the order that you want them to be played. If you add files to a play list it adds them at the end. You then have to use the move up/down buttons or drag and drop in the playlist to order them.

What you can do is:
Say the offending playlist is ZZ
Option 1
In Manage Playlists open the playlist ZZ and delete all the songs from the playlist except one.
In Browse Media select the album or songs that you want in order right click and select Add to Playlist then select playlist ZZ and OK
Back in manage playlists delete the one song from the first step.
Option 2
In Browse Media select the album or songs that you want in order right click and select Add to Playlist and accept the suggested name say XX
either use the new XX playlist as is or from Browse media select My playlists and delete the old ZZ.zpl playlist and rename the new XX.zpl playlist to ZZ.zpl

Other options are variations of the theme

I'm not on here much so don't expect a quick reply

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