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Default [NWZ-A845] Where to buy the "MDR-NC033" Earbuds?


I've got a question. I own the Sony NWZ-A845 mp3-player with noise-canceling-feature and recently the earbuds (Model-No. MDR-NC033) which came with the player died (there is a constant white noise when I listen to music, very annoying).

Those earbuds are special headphones because they have a TRRRS connector in order to utilize the noise-canceling-feature of the A845 (I hope TRRRS is the right term, anyways the connector has 5 rings).

So my question is where can I buy exactly those earbuds? Or are there any alternatives? I really want to use the noise-canceling-feature because I love it. I've seen some headphones which come with "built-in" noise-canceling-feature support, but those are very expensive (+100 ).

The only place I've found to order the MDR-NC033 earbuds is here:
But 30 $ is also not very cheap. Are there any other places where I can buy those headphones?

Thanks for your help in advance!
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I actually have the original ones that came with my A847, and I never use them. I even have the other sized tips.

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Sounds good, I've sent you a PM
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