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Default Combine Files From Micro sd and internal into one list?

I have about 7gb total music. The problem is I only have a 4gb clip zip. I have an 8gb card in it right now because my 16gb card is in my fuze+. I was just curious if it's possible to combine all the files into one single list?
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one single list? Is that not equivalent to Play All? Which should play from both the internal memory and the memory card (but I don't have a Fuze+, so it might be quirky about this.)

Will the 7GB all fit on the 8GB card? It should be close. Will that work for you?

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i don't think they will all fit on the 8gb. right now i have the files split using database>track>all tracks and can bring up a list using the bottom button which should work fine for now. just have to get used to pressing power instead of back to get back to now playing screen.
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I understand this is not exactly what you are looking for, but won't you be better off using Database instead of the file viewer? That way you can browse everything as one list by id3 tags.
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There's a few ways to create a playlist using both memories without using the database in Rockbox. Using the playlist catalog context menu when you first boot to "Create Playlist" creates a playlist of all the audio files on the player.

It's also possible to create that playlist by inserting the files from each memory into a playlist and saving that. Once you get familiar with how to deal with playlists in Rockbox it becomes really simple to create playlists using any file or folder from anywhere on the player.
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