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Default E475 Playlists

Using Linux what kind of playlist format do i need to create and where do i place it on the walkman filesystem for the e475? Also any way to start playing another podcast as soon as one ends? Sonys documentation sucks
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I never found a way to make the .pla lists a Sony uses in under Linux. I tried a number of different distros along with several MTP packages and media players. None of the combos I tried created .pla playlists that weren't ignored by the player during the refresh.

I tried a number of different ways to create the .refs, .ofn and .pla files I found had been created when working .pla playlists had been created under Windows but none of them worked. Not saying it can't be done, just that I wasn't able to get it accomplished.

I never found it to make a difference where the playlists are placed when they're made in Windows. I just leave them where they are when I use the right click "Create Playlist" option. The player finds them and displays their contents just as well from the Music folder as a dedicated Playlist folder. The same for when I've used MusicBee, Winamp or MediaMonkey to create playlists. Wherever they place them the player hasn't had a problem finding and playing them.
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well that sucks big time. maybe i'll try one of those in wine.
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