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Originally Posted by Woembah View Post
Exactly, the Zen V Plus is not really meant to play large video files, the video function is more a gadget. But players like the Zen Vision really are made to play large files such as movies. They have a way larger screen too. But they're also much bigger (and heavier)
Hah, that reminds me, I recently bought an iPod, one of the earliest versions with toutch wheel and black and white screen (and used by the way). What a mistake. It was really huge! And I'm talking about like twice the size in all dimensions that a Creative Zen V. I bought it at a Swedish daughter site to eBay, something went wrong with the paying so I got no guarantee. And it really didn't work well with the software on it, eventually I had to format it and now it's almost completely broken, I'm lucky if I can play a whole song before it crashes and freezes. That's why I bought the Zen player, and I'm really hapy with it ( ), rather than having a half-working iPod shit!
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