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Originally Posted by 1-leeter View Post
Heres what i really want.
3. **Built in Microphone.**
I'm really curious to hear the SQ of the iRiver X20. If it's the same as the Sansa E2xx, then the mic is why the sound is so bad!
I much prefer the KISS, less things to break and or corrupt.
The mike on the Sansa is 1/2 a step up from unusable, with NO line in.
Not sure about the X20, but as I understand there is no input/2nd headjack.
The second headjack is handy to me YMMV
Edit, the X20 does a a line in...

Edit II, x20 has a file browser for each drive.
x20 is made by joytoto, same as NS-DVxG.
I'm just glade the Insignia does NOT have mic or speakers

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