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Hem, I'm not picking on MTP, fact is if tomorrow MS decides only your own DRM files should be played on your own DRM units MTP will take care of that. I'm not claiming it will, but it's designed around that purpose.

I never wrote neither meant that MTP takes care of power charging, it works on a completely different and higer level.

Fact is if you have both communication and charging on the same phisical port and you don't want someone exploiting this feature for unwanted purpouses you need the unit to recognize and agree the incoming jack to plug in.

That's not DRM spec, but should be collateral to it: think of sniffing the communication beetwen two DRM ports, you don't want that to happen, hence you need hardware properly designed and the OS hiding that communication layer, you have MTP and its SDK to take care of that, and that's supposed to be your only interface to it.

I'm not saying it's evily designed or something, simply once it become standard if they decide you can't play your DRM files (or if they starts to play bad...) there'll be nothing for you to do about.
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