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A 300 x 300 pixel 24-bit image at 72 dpi saved in BMP format (lossless) is something around 264KB in size. I think it's not that big, and it's still a good quality image for screen display.

Don't get so worried about how long it takes to load or resize the album art, because this player usually deals with amounts of data larger than those used by the images. If, for example, you had a 4MB MP3 file, and embedeed that 264KB BMP file in it, the increase in the MP3 file size would be barely around 6.4%. For a 6MB MP3 file, the increase would be only 4.3%.

For the record, I have a 722KB 24-bit 300 dpi JPEG file that I've used as artwork for some MP3 files in my ZV:M, and it doesn't show any lag or slowdown when playing these tracks. But I generally use 200 x 200 pixel 24-bit 72 dpi JPEG images with very good results (they take between 70 and 100KB of disk space, depending on the image).
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