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Smile Got my X5, many frustrations, but keeping it.

I finally got a 30GB X5 after heavily debating on the "easy-way-out iPod" and the "nice sound quality iAudio". The given user manual (in English) has unclear places--I think they're trying to translate it directly from Korean. Perhaps 90% of the manual is actually okay, and I especially liked the cartoon warnings at the beginning.

My favourite is on page 4:
-"Be careful not to cut your hands when unpacking the box, User's Guide, or accessories."
Sorry...but too late. In order to read this manual, I had to cut my hands.

Well, here are the actual frustrations (coming from someone who doesn't know very much okay?):

-I think I expected too much from a gadget that offered so much. The pictures loaded so slowly, and they were so blurry that I couldn't tell if a person was smiling or crying. The videos are so blurry that I can't really see faces. I can only see shapes of people. Perhaps if I took a higher quality video it would be better. I took a video that I recorded with my digital camera, and then converted it using JetAudio. The quality (pic/sound) was awful. I have yet to rip from DVDs. I've played with iPod, and wow is the video just AWESOME! If you're buying something for pic/video, don't choose this one. Get an A2 or something.

-I loaded JetShell and JetAudio just to see what they really look like. JetAudio is like...everything you might want that Windows Media Player or Realplayer CANNOT do. It means that I don't have to go downloading countless players to play the music or videos that I have, which are in numerous formats. However, JetShell for some reason is having a problem.

When I exit JetShell and then try to turn it back on, it won't pop up. Then, when I go to "Turn Off Computer" this "End Now-Jetshell" thing pops up. Then, after unsuccessfully ending Jetshell, it would say "Program is not responding." Why is this happening? I thought, maybe the version they gave me was too old, so I went to download the newest version, but still the same thing happens. Everything else works fine, just this exiting thing doesn't. I'd just like to know what's wrong...but I'm not EVER going to use this program again. I'll just load X5 like a USB.

BTW, I read somewhere about other converting softwares like MediaMonkey and iRiverter. Does anyone have any experience with this? Which one do you prefer? (I know it's really about personal preference, but I'd just like some opinions before I got about downloading all of them to try them myself)

So, after all these frustrations, I loaded X5 up with all the really good quality music that I have. And...oh my...did my opinion change. I really thought about returning it for an iPod, but the music was too good to be true. Not even my computer can do what this little gadget can do (and let me tell you my computer is very good already). I have to compare it with those really good surround systems (not the best, but good enough), because this thing is so CLEAR. It's like crystal! If you put a nice Deutsch Grammophone recording of Beethoven, you would hear those nice highs and lows and louds and softs NO PROBLEM. It's just awesome!

In general, I really think its a great package. It takes time getting used to (kind of like weening yourself away from the "easy-way-out STUFF"), but even I did it in less than 24 hours. I have a somewhat organized music collection, so I didn't really suffer about the tags or no tags deal. The subpack can be annoying (taking it out, putting it back in), but I like the fact that X5 has "as few holes as possible."
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