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Default Travelsound Zen V Speakers...

...are amazing. I thought that seeing as there are so many problems posted on this site, I'd post something more positive. If you have the money for these speakers, get them. It honestly is that simple. For a start, it's a full docking station so no more slow recharge times; to get the same you'd have to buy a separate charger, but you effectively get that in this package. Also you can attach the speakers to your computer via USB so while your Zen is docked you can transfer files. These speakers are loud for being so small, and there is very little loss in quality. I also have some megaworks 5.1 surround speakers attached to my computer and, naturally, they are far superior, however when my soundcard is being temperamental I have no problems with using the travelsound speakers. Furthermore, taking the speakers to the park with friends is incredible, it really adds to the atmosphere. If you have the Zen V Plus, the speakers have an aerial that boosts the signal of the internal radio. The speakers have a remote control, they have a 'wide stereo' option that is constantly turned on for my speakers. There is even the option to add an external subwoofer.

I honestly do not regret my decision to buy the speakers. There is one flaw with them and that is that my Zen V Plus has a silicon case with a belt-clip on the back. Without the belt clip, the player fits snugly into the speakers and looks great, however with the belt clip the player is at an odd angle. This is merely superficial, however, and in some ways it works because to scroll through the music library you need to change the angle anyway. It's a minor flaw, not one that should affect a purchasing decision.

Go Creative! Finally, an accessory for one of your players that is decent quality! If you have a Zen V or Zen V Plus and find yourself thinking 'I'm sure there's something missing in my life', don't go to church. Don't adopt a child. Buy these speakers.

Thanks for half-reading this

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