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Wink a few questions

ok so I am looking at the Zev V plus 4gb as a mp3 player for my mom, but she is not very tech savy and i need to know a few things.
1 is the interface the same as the ZVM 30gb? cause i have that and could show her how to use it.
2 are all the controls tactile? cuase I dont think she could deal with a touch pad.
3 how easy is syncing? does it work well with WMP10?
4 Are there any expected price drops in the near future? right now it is quite pricey per GB expectially see as it has no video support.
5 How is the screen? does it compare to the ZVM's screen? If not is it better or worse?
thats about all
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First, the interface is pretty simple. I don't know much about the ZVM, but the ZV is quite simple. Forward, back, select, cancel. It's not hard, you should have no problems using it.
Second, the joystick is questionable. I have heard a lot of people complain about the joystick. I have never had a problem with it. I actually prefer it to the iPod scroll wheel, but it really depends on your finger and your preference.
Third, I find syncing quite simple. I use WMP11 on my computer, but I've used 10. 10 is usable, but I would recommend the upgrade to 11.
Fourth, a 8GB Zen V Plus on Amazon is only 177$.( That's not much compared to a lot of other MP3 players. Especially compared to the iPod Nano. Also the Zen V Plus has video playback. Not super extravagant, but it works.
Fifth, The screen is a 100x100 pixel OLED display. I love the screen on the Zen. It is small, but it is vibrant and detailed. My only complait is that because of the use of OLED technology, it is hard to see in direct sunlight. Well, impossible to see, but with a properly placed hand in front of the screen, it works!
Overall I love my Zen, and I found it quite worth the buy. Your mom would probably like it. It is small, cute, yet it has so much potential. Hope I've been helpful.
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thanks for the answers, i forgot to check this thread for a while.
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