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you get that message when the "source file" (meaning the file you want converted) cannot be converted to zen v.

what is the file extension of the file you are trying to convert?

I downloaded this video file and it has a extension of avi, on the surface it looks like it should work...but then i found out that it was a divx avi (which would still convert) but the audio, rather than having been encoded into a 'standard divx' it was uncompressed AC-3, so no, the program could not encode it

also apple formats (quick time , etc..) will probably not work.

so basically it depends on the source file, if it is a 'untouched' (meaning nothing weird done to it) Xvid, Divx, WMV, Mpeg-4, it should convert just fine, but if it is something like .mkv or dual audio... you can pretty much forget it.

see if other files convert, if the file you tried for example was "lost - episode1"... i would suggest not to try "lost - episode 2", get a file from a 'different source' and try it again
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