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Talking The ultimate solution for non-working playlists :D

*lol* no, guess you missunderstood, I know that point
I was just wondering about the exact format of a working playlist (cause I don't have any), so I can write a programm to simulate ist. Each file of a specific type has a specific syntax. I just need to know if there are specific headers etc, and how are the tracks listed exactly. And then happy simulating (I'm pretty clever at all kind of computer stuff, but I never ever get the wmp playlists working, and yes I'd synced it and yes I'd used for testing files with complete ID3 Tags)

.... but it doesn't matter anymore because :
*tatatatatatata* I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've found a pretty good alternative which could be used if no Playlists - no matter what done - worked and if you're fed up with the synchronization so that you couldn't just drag'n'drop.
Hehe, it's just so easy, I'm wondering why nobody else found it out / posted it to share this treasure with others....

ok but now to the solution:
1 - you just need wmp 10 (I tested it with that but I guess 9 also will work).
2 - copy from your pc all the tracks of a playlist in a extra folder for each PL (the folders are not nessessary but make it easier) on your device
3 - open the wmp 10. the easiest way is - cause you now never have to "really" use it - to clear you media database/library (don't know the right english term, have just the german); then add just one PL-folder of your device.
4 - there you will find the different ID3 Tag entries, and there is one (pretty useless I think, except for that) entry called "genre"
5 - so just mark all of the tracks, right-click on one of the cells of genre, click on edit/rename and change the name in whatever your PL should be called
6 - repeat that with all your folders on the device (best step by step so you always know easy which tracks belong to which PL)
7 - then, most important, click on the menuebar on "extras" (or whatever the point left of the "?" is called) and then on "proceed media-information" (or something like that it's the 3rd entry, no shortcut)

that takes a few minutes but if it's done you can just use your player and instead of music library -> playlists, select -> genre and *tatatatatatatatata* you've got there all your playlists with all your beloved tracks. No track is missing, and you don't have to use any program to sync your tracks you can just drag'n'drop them

And isn't that a good solution?
plus, if you are one of those few who are really conscientious with their genre entries, no problem, you just modified those on the player not those on your pc

so please gimme feedback if this was the solution for you like it was for me. Now I'm really happy with my player and I'm looking relaxed forward to the new firmware including m3u playlists

greetz from a pretty-happy-flipping-around

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