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Default Computer Crashed

My computer crashed recently and had to be replaced. I've had my ZenV for quite awhile and I have no idea where the original CD is to download it back onto the new computer.

I have a few questions.

Where can I get information on the proper download I need to get this new computer up and running so I can add new songs?

Does it matter what version of Windows I have. Old computer was XP new is Vista?

Once I get it downloaded to the new computer, when I go plug it in and update or add songs, will all my old songs automatically be removed from the Zen player since there will be no songs in the folders on this new computer? The folders will be empty until I install on the new and begin to add new songs to the folder.

Does this make sense? In other words will I lose all my songs if I plug it into the new computer to add any new songs to the existing 200 songs I already have?

Thanks for your help.
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If you have vista, you will not need the creative software. Sync'ing your player wont lose songs.
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Useful tools: Exact Audio copy to rip your CDs and mp3tag to organise.
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i have a microphoto and the smae thing happened to me; got a new computer with vista, lost the cd... while i found vista can sync song and whatnot, i still downloaded the explorer from creatives website... i just found i like using the software better
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