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Default DO NOT purchase a H10 20GB

Hi guys. I just joined, oh, about 3 seconds ago. I just wanted to come here and warn everyone who is thinking about purchasing an H10 GB. I'll give you my little story.

Less than a month after I purchase it, the screen completely froze on me. I tried the reset button, but to no avail. I let it run and waited for the battery to die, and I went to go charge it to see what the heck went wrong. So I did, and when I turned it back on, there was a series of clicking noises and finally a message popped up saying "System Files Missing" and some advice to check out So I did. I rummaged through their FAQ, found a solution to my problem, didn't work. I emailed the support team, and after a week, received an email with useless information that did not address my problem AT ALL. So I sent another email. Finally got ANOTHER solution to try, this one not any better than the other. So I called the support team, and what did I get? 6 options, all with the same recorded message: "Please check out our FAQ online at" Sent another email asking to please return my Iriver to have it fixed, after 2 weeks, I received a reply. Went through the verification process, blah blah blah, sent it to the company, and about 2 weeks later, got it back. Woooo, it worked!!!
Yeah. For about 2 days.
Now I can't go three songs without it freezing on me. The "Music->Artist" menu doesn't work, and apparently my iriver doesn't want me to listen to Switchfoot, because I can't access any Switchfoot albums without it freezing. I carry around a paperclip to reset my iriver literally every three songs. Yeah it works now, thanks iriver- I just have to carry around a paper clip or something small and pointy.

So all in all- the iriver H10 20GB works GREAT...when it's working. It has the crappiest support system I have ever seen. I will continue to email the company asking for (yet another) fix. In the meantime, I'm sticking to my CD player. Much more reliable than this piece of crap.
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Sorry to hear about your problems, donít give up contacting them, who knows they might make it right some day.

Anywho welcome aboard ABI, hope you enjoy the site, itís very helpful!

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You just got a defective one. Don't write it off entirely based on one bad experiece. If that happened, even apple...ESPECIALLY apple... wouldn't have a single person to buy their crap

Once you get through their customer service it's actually pretty good. Their email system is painfully slow though. Most of that is because they're understaffed. Your best bet would have been to call them. Depending on the time you could be on hold for an hour, but that's much better than 2 weeks.

So I'd give it another chance. And be sure to click the 'remove storage devices' icon to properly disconnect your h10, cuz that's where a lot of system files missing problems are brought on.
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I love the idea behind it and as someone who uses a lot of the stuff in Komplete, being able to easily categorize
sounds would be a huge benefit
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I agree with gocorps, don't just say that about the H10 just because of your experience with it. I've had plenty of problems with my H10, and I've gotten around them easily. And I love my H10, mind you

If it freezes when you select a certain artist, run a Database Refresh, same thing happened to me, and a Database Refresh fixed it.

Try reinstalling the firmware, or reformatting it, whichever is more relevant. Also, have you heard of EasyH10? It's another way of putting music on your H10. Quite simple, and it fixes alot of problems for some people.
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I'm sorry you had a bad experience but you can't speak for everybody. I bought my iRiver H10 20GB (USED!! from eBay) in January 2006 and it's been going strong to this day.

It HAS locked up - but it's rare.

I do concede I like to make sure I have a mechanical pencil near me most of the places I use it (I actually keep one in my car because of it). But it's really not that big of a deal because it only happens like, three times a year. For me at least.

Oh, yeah. My friend's 5GB H10 did stop booting or something such - he CALLED up iRiver and sent it to them and had it back all within a week or so. He said customer service was very good. I can't remember if he got his model back, repaired, or a new (refurbished?) model. Either way he hasn't had any problems since.
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Hi Onlyemergency,

Thank you for your post,

They must replace a new player with your player.

You are right

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