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okay im not 100% sure about a couple of your questions, but i'll do my best.....

Originally Posted by guyboris View Post
1. Can I use it to download podcasts from Spanish language newspapers in Mexico and Spain?
probably yes - try downloading one now, and if it is in mp3 or wma format, you definitely will.

the term podcasting is used very loosely - in that you don't need an ipod to be able to download them.

Originally Posted by guyboris View Post
2. Can I use it to buy music or audiobooks at the iTunes store,, etc.?
im pretty sure that stuff from the iTunes store only works with ipod, but you will definitely be able to buy other things from other online music stores, including

Originally Posted by guyboris View Post
3. If an audio file on the web is in a format that the player recognizes, does that mean I can download it to the clix, or are there additional technology issues/impediments I will need to consider?
No, as long as it is an mp3 file, you should be right. It is worth bearing in mind the stuff about digital restrictions, and its less bother if you can get files with no such restrictions (these restrictions are often referred to as DRM - digital rights management or something like that)

Also, if you intend on buying video content for the iriver, that could be a bit of a pain, and you may have to make use of iriver's video converter software which is a bit slow. i haven't really spent much time using videos, so i'm not 100% sure of what works and what doesn't

anyway, i hope this was of some help to you - the iriver clix2 is a great little device and i am sure you will be happy with it!!
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