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Default Horrible Experience with the X5.

I bought an X5 14 months ago because of the rave reviews that I got from multiple websites...let me tell you, it was horrible.

Within the course of the 1 year warranty, my player needed to be repaired three times. The first and second time because the headphone jack broke and the third time because the joystick broke.

The player then broke again a week after my warranty ended, again for the joystick issue.

After I got it back, it then broke 50 days later due to the same headphone jack problem and so now i am shit out of luck because I could not file for the 45 day warranty after repair.

Each time I had the player repaired, it took 2-3 weeks to be for the course of the 12 month warranty, I only physically had to player for less than 10.

Horrible, horrible player.
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Here's my story about the X5 and Cowon Germany's support:

I heard that Cowon USA is worse than Cowon Germany... but I had nothing but the best customer support experience with the German Cowon guys.
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Oh COWON USA customer support wasn't too much fun either...

When the player broke the week out of warranty, I called to explain how the player had been sent back on 3 separate occasions and that I felt it would be valid to extend the warranty, and they refused.

It was only after I read the fine print of the RMA statement email that I saw that there was the 45 day warranty after they return the player.

I mean, they did an ok job, but they didn't make it a pleasant experience for me either.
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That sounds like you "mistreated" the player. What were you doing, ripping out your headphones and forcing the joystick too much? Or are these chronic problems?
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I admit that I don't treat my players the best...but I did nothing abnormally...such as "ripping out your headphones" and "forcing the joystick" that should cause this to occur.
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This sounds a lot like my XBOX360 exsperience. LOL
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