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To clarify, raygun, are you getting bass distortion with the EQ jacked up (like in your first example), or with it flat? If it distorts flat, then you have an issue. If it distorts with the bass sliders bumped up, that's simply a limitation of digital gain and not a problem with your player. The way recordings are compressed in-studio these days, there isn't much overhead in a digital audio file to push any frequency very far past 0 dB without distortion. Your solution (the second example you gave) is actually the recommended one. Or you can use a program like MP3Gain to normalize your tracks to a lower overall volume and increase the overhead. As far as I can see, the only thing Insignia can do to make a fully-boosted EQ not distort is force their equalizer to automatically reduce playback volume prior to applying changes...and I don't know if anyone really prefers that.
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