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Hmm...I'm not too sure I like the new clickwheel sensitivity. I was thinking it would probably have been better if the guys over at Insignia could have put in an option to choose what sensitivity the clickwheel is at, rather than just setting it to one setting with no choice.

Also, I find the shutdown sequence to be really redundant. It seems to take even longer now than before, and I really think it could use a refresh.

I say redundant because of that 2 - 3 second hold of the button combined with the countdown bar. I feel that they're basically doing the same job; trying to avoid an accidental shutdown. But do we really need two of them? I'd really prefer just one of the two (hold down the button 2 - 3 seconds for a shutdown, or goto the countdown bar immediately).

And more of a quibble than anything, but I find the "Good Bye" screen a bit posh and unnecessary.
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