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Originally Posted by teeravuss View Post
As far as normalizing your mp3s... I think that's a BAD idea. Professionals with lots of expensive gear optimize the music you're paying for. The last thing you should do is mess with the levels of your mp3. For example. My g/f copied two Linkin Park CDs she had. She used the normalizing setting of her ripping software on one album. The other album, she didn't normalize. You listen to the two albums back to back, and you can hear a definite difference. The uneffected mp3s are loud and dynamic. The normalized mp3s are low and flat.
This depends a lot on what normalizing program you used. The safest ones are the ones that edit the normalization tag rather than resample and re-encode. MP3Gain uses the tag method. It's completely non-destructive, is reversible, and does not modify the music in any way.

MP3Gain also has both track- and album- normalization modes. In Track mode, all tracks are normalized to the set level. In album mode, all tracks within an album are analyzed, then renormalized so that the album average is equal to the set level, but the tracks themselves still maintain their volume level relative to the other tracks. When normalizing whole albums, this is the recommended method - and one that I use extensively. It works very well.
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