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Originally Posted by Chensington View Post
I couldn't agree with you more...I just got my Koss KSC75s five days ago, and as someone who never has (and probably never will) pay more than $50 for a pair of headphones, I'm incredibly happy with the way they sound. Audiophile-grade sound at an extremely low price, from what I've gathered...
Exactly. I was using all 7 for EQ until I got the KSCs. Now it's off and it's great. I've been playing with the settings, and I still can't find an EQ combination that surpasses no EQ with the 75s.

My only problem with the phones are the low DB output. A little too much sound escapes sometimes and I have to turn it up to about 20, sometimes 21 when I'm outside. Inside I'm set around 15-16. It doesn't help that I'm coming off a worse sounding, but definetely louder, Panasonic wraparounds.

But as for normalizing... Is there a program that can do that with my MP3s?
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