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Thank you for clearing that up. Anyway, I've renamed all my files (I'm a bit anal in that sense, once I get started, I can't stop). So, now it's either just artist - title.mp3 or title.mp3. But all my tags are fine, it's just the filenames that needed cleaning up.

Anyway, my X5 is arriving in my country on tuesday. Which means it'll get to my city a few days after. So, I'm really looking forward to it. Before your review, I've never even heard of Cowon. I've always been a creative guy starting from the nano, neeon, zen, zen v plus and zvm. I actually did drag and drop with the nano - which I found much better than apple's "my way or the highway" style of doing things. Creative is still good though, but I see it more like a bridge between Cowon and Apple in sound, use, interface and availability.

Another cool thing about the X5 is that a lot of musicians seem to favor this over other players. I'm also a musician and I also do recording so to hear it from other players is really comforting. Sound is the most important thing to a musician, interface to computer guys (like the one's doing reviews in cnet). But who cares about what they have to say anyway. The user reviews for the X5 are far more consistent and it coincides with your review, which is commendable.

Anyway, thanks again for this great site and your awesome reviews!

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