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Originally Posted by ZenChick View Post
Since we have a lot of threads about this problem, I'm going to sticky this one and ask that all screen-breakage issues be discussed in this thread.

AerozBooks, since you've got one taken apart, can you tell what exactly could be contributing to this problem? I mean, since the majority of them seem to happen in one of the two lower corners, is there anything in the DAPs construction that could be a factor in this?
Well, fracture lines can be caused by force or heat. I'd guess that force would be the number one factor in causing the fracture. The ZVM is not built to sustain trauma. In my opinion all its predecessors can sustain trauma better. The plastic that contains the circuitry in the screen is very thin as well, and is not supported by a metal backing or padding or anything. Even a small amount of force, such as dropping the ZVM on one of its corners, can transmit across the lower corners of the screen.

I would recommend that ZVM owners buy a case that can absorb lots of force. Something with plenty of padding; thin casings will not do any good.
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