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Originally Posted by Sheila View Post
This is a customizable feature.

The way the default is set up is the backlight comes up at 10 seconds and reduces the screen brightness by 50%. You can change the 10 second default to as low as 5 seconds or as high as 30 seconds. That works in 5 second incrememnts...5, 10, 15, etc.

Also, you can change the screen brightness of the backlight to whatever you want in increments of 10 from 10% up to 100%.

If you never want your screen to dim, these settings give you that option.
Does it have the option of completely turning off though?

My thing is, I drive a long way usually, 12+ hours. I need something that would turn of the screen and still play music. So that the extra light will not be a distraction, and so that it would save battery life.

Now My Vision M would completely turn off the screen only when you put it on hold, that was an extreme annoyance esp when driving.

Either way, due to the Zen draw backs, bad SD support, No MSC, no Filename and folder browsing, I bought a Insignia Pilot. It has all of those features
-Insignia Pilot 8GB - Dead , Screen is not easily replaceable at all
-Cowon D2 16GB - The Pilot Replacement
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