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Originally Posted by covertrussian View Post
In all honesty the song rating feature seems kinda pointless. You cannot search or sort by the star ratings. There is no menu for viewing all of the ratings, the only time you see it is when your playing the file.
Manual seemed to indicate that the Rhapsody client / Best Buy Music store app that I don't use will build playlists based on ratings and let you sync to the Pilot based on that information. Haven't tried a real program that lets you see all the tags to see what they are actually doing with the rating, though. FWIW, MediaMonkey does know about ratings, so if the Pilot does something halfway standard with that info, MM will probably understand.

Originally Posted by covertrussian View Post
For this reason having a separate buttons for ratings is pointless. I wish we could reprogram these buttons!
Amen! I did notice that pushing the rating button down while on the main menu toggles circle / matrix... which is better than not doing anything.
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