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Originally Posted by covertrussian View Post
In folder browsing the text was displayed properly for both songs, when playing the song the text was displayed properly for both songs. When browsing the music by ID3 tags, the text was displayed fine in all of the categories (artist, title, genre, etc.)

So I'm not sure why you are having that issue
I'm not sure either. I took a song that I did not already have in my library on the Pilot and grabbed just the first 30 seconds. I then used foobar2000 to make sure the tags are as I usually have them (both id3v1 and id3v2.4). WinXP properties shows the tags properly. Switched to Files & Folders mode, dropped the file on my SD card (2gb microsd in adapter) and I have the same problem as before. I attached the file, try it out if you like.

should be

Artist: Otyg
Album: Galdersång Till Bergfadern
Title: Blåkullafärden

shows as (the Ặ is mostly a guess, but the other two unintended characters are exactly as shown - CJK ideogram and pound sign)

Artist: Otyg
Album: GaldersẶng Till Bergfadern肠
Title: BlẶkullaf£rden

Folder Browser on the Pilot gets it right.

Update: If I use Mp3tag to write ONLY id3v2.3 with UTF-16, it does work via MSC. So, I guess I want UTF-8 and id3v2.4 support.
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