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Originally Posted by covertrussian View Post
Basically this is what it should do: Say your listening to your huge playlist of music, you get this one song stuck in your head and you want to listen to it right now. So you find the song, click on in and instead of selecting "Play Now" or "Add Now Playing" you select the new feature of "Play Now Keeping Old Playlist". This allows you to listen to the song you like and then go back to the usual play list.
Yes on this. I think adding to the playlist after the current track, then just advancing to that track sounds about right. "Add to playlist and play", or "Insert into playlist" might be other good names.

Originally Posted by covertrussian View Post
I this thing happens to me quite a bit, and it gets painful to switch back to playing all or specific playlist.... esp if your now driving, while you found the song while you were on the stop light
Just think, Insignia, with this feature you could be saving lives by keeping us from futzing with it while we drive!!
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