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Originally Posted by mattschuette View Post
Maybe I just haven't found the right syntax, but M3U playlists via MSC would be nice. M3U is a very simply format that is just a list of file pointers. If these were relative to the Pilot filesystem, I don't see why that shouldn't work. Seems like lots of people are attracted to this player because of the MSC support, so it would be nice if everything worked via MSC (playlists, album art, etc.). If I'm just missing something, please help me out!
It seems like the M3U Playlists do work, but I only had the first couple songs work... So voting for better playlist support for MSC people.

Originally Posted by mattschuette View Post
I'd like to vote on this, but I'm just not sure how you would enter text into the Pilot. Can you suggest an interface for that?
Oh thats not a problem. It could have the interface like an iPod has

To make it better, you can either use the scroll wheel to select letters or you can use the arrow keys to select the letters.

The Zen Vision:M also has this, but they decided to use the QWERTY keyboard layout... it sucks btw

Originally Posted by mattschuette View Post
Yes on this. I think adding to the playlist after the current track, then just advancing to that track sounds about right. "Add to playlist and play", or "Insert into playlist" might be other good names.

Just think, Insignia, with this feature you could be saving lives by keeping us from futzing with it while we drive!!
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