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Lightbulb Album Art - MSC Capabilities Reversed Engineered

Originally Posted by mattschuette View Post
Only way I've found to include album art is via MTP. It would be great if cover.jpg or folder.jpg or [album name].jpg could be used as cover art. Added bonus would be if these were ignored in the Pictures list, but if not, that's fine too.
A simple method for embedding album art into ID tags, transferring the audio to the player and have the Album Art properly displayed, utilizing the MSC USB mode. No "Syncing" or MTP file transfer software is needed, just a FREE, relatively simple to use tagging program called Mp3tag. I am sure that there are other similar programs that will also work.

A. Software:

Mp3tag was used to embed the Album Art into the audio tracks. Once embedded, there is no need to leave the Album Art jpeg file in the audio folder, or for that matter to place it anywhere else on the player.

B. Method:

Use MSC (Files & Folders) USB mode. I simply drag/copy the audio folder to either the AUDIBLE or MUSIC folders from within Windows Explorer to the Pilot.

C. Album Art Parameters:

***Any JPeg picture image can be used, provided it meets these parameters:

1. File size MUST BE less than 64KB.

2. JPEG format only. (I have not tried any other format)

3. Image size can be anything up to 768x768 pixels. (This image size limit may be artificial, due to the fact that Mp3tag will not display larger images in the viewer window when embedding the Album Art into the audio tracks)

D. Other Considerations:

1. Mp3tag can automatically generate a playlist file which by default is mp3tag.m3u which if renamed to XXX..n.m3u and if left in the audio folder copied to the player will be recognized and can be accessed via the "Playlist" menu icon.

2. If you must resize the Album Art to meet the required parameters, its best to either not change the horizontal pixel width, or if you must, make it a multiple of 128 which in the native pixel width of the Album Art window displayed by the player. This will give better readability of the text in the album cover display window. When needed, I use Microsoft Photo Editor which is included in the XP OS, for all picture resizing.

3. I listen to audio books far more than music. As noted in the manual (for those among us who read such things) , if you place your audio folder in the AUDIBLE folder of the player, it will automatically generate and save a bookmark whenever you shutdown, or the player powers off on its own.

I hope this helps. Good luck and have fun with your Pilot; I've had mine for three days and like it better with each passing day.

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