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Default **BUG: Deleting Files- Back To Root Navigation Reversion

Originally Posted by covertrussian View Post
In File Browser, if you delete a file that is say 20 folders in, it will Kick you back to the root of the file browser, were you have the option to select "NS-xV24" or "SDHC". This can get pretty annoying if you have to delete more then one file from the same directory.

Fix: When you delete a file, stay in the same directory that you were in before.
PB: I completely agree; after deleting a file, simply stay in the same directory!!! (The delete feature as it is insanely frustrating as I most often want to delete multiple tracks at the same time.)

** New:
PB: Ability to delete an entire folder, not just a single file. This would be very useful for us MSC mode users. It would be simple to delete a whole Audio Book or Music Album instead of one track at a time.
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