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Default Will there be wider screen for the new Zen?

So the new Creative Zen is out with it's 4 to 8GB flash memory, and it'll replace the old Zen Vision series.

But I'd like to know will there be a wider screen version? Just can't plonk down my money the new Zen now.

Should I wait first?
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AFAIK the Zen has never been stated to be an official replacement for the Zen Vision series.

And no one here actually knows what will be next from Creative. They are usually very secretive about future products until they reach launch point.
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Unfortunately, and unofficially, it has become a replacement for some of the Zen Vision series here in Malaysia. It seems most of the old Zen Vision series have been sold out to make way for the new Creative products.
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There is no way to tell what Creative is going to put out next. You should not wait in hopes for a new Zen with a bigger screen, unless you can wait for a year or more.

The new Creative Zen is in no way a replacement for the Zen Vision:M or W. A ZVM or W replacement would be a new ZVM or W 80GB. Creative might have that on the drawing-board as we type. Who knows.

The biggest screen in a Creative player right now is in the ZVW model. I think its 4.3 inches. You should buy a ZVW.
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