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some updates. Creative released a New Zen firmware a while ago (like a week or so) and it should fix some stability issues. startup speed as been dramatically improved and i think menu speed was improved
"Added Features or Enhancements:

* Adds Thai language support
* Improves startup speed


* Improves video playback performance
* Improves the power adapter charging process
* Ensures the alarm is working even if your player is turned off playback is altered in the following ways...
...1. it boots the video instantaneously...
...2.the screen no longer blacks out when fast forwading long periods...
.is music playback display...
...when the lettering was to big to fit on screen... used to scroll, alternating between artist album and track name... a ticking clock, it scrolled bit by bit... it is smooth like a rolex, and about twice as fast...
(i didnt type it like that this is a copy/paste from the thread over at EPIZENTER)
...hey hes right...
...also if you turn off in the middle of a song...
...and then turn it back on...
...the song starts playing before its even completely booted...
Also, if anyone else had this problem, the album art for the first song you select wouldn't show up. That is fixed too.
When the player is turned on, even if the music was not playing, or you were in a different menu, the ZEN resumes to that position when you turn it back on"

all of of this was just copy/paste from there..
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