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I just recieved one of the Mouser electronics connectors.

I also have a Griffin dock.

I _thought_ it would be a simple job, but there are some resisters and capacitors on the Griffin doc, so I must decipher what those do, before continuing.


I have a Sandisk car-cord, to provide the power, and I will be using it's plug to decipher the requisite power pins.

I'll match the pins used on the power dongle's plug. It was not fully populated with pins, which is why I ordered the mouser plug.

I had wanted to add a simple 3.5mm stereo plug to the car-cord power adapter, so that one-plug, and I was hooked up in the car.

But, there's only 2 capacitors and 2 resistors to figure out. Alas, they are surface-mount, and I cannot decipher their values yet.

It seems I must figure out what the tiny numbers mean-- they seem to be part numbers, instead of farad and ohm values. *sigh*

Anyone have experience with surface-mount devices?
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