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Question: Is your player recognized when you plug it into your computer with the player in Recovery Mode? If so, then you should be able to update your firmware without a problem.
No, and that's the other strange thing. That before I replaced the battery it would appear to be charging, and when it did turn on, however briefly, it would be detected by windows.

I found an appropriate adapter that I had for some other device (5V DC + tip) and when I plugged it in, success, it charged!

So I attached it to my mothers computer and for some reason it was detected in recovery mode. I had trouble with the firmware update on her computer so I took it back up to mine. Went into devices and there it was, it wasn't automatically installed (for some weird reason). So I did a scan for new devices and it installed automatically.

I erased the firmware in recovery mode and then updated it with the new one. Before the PC software bar got to the end it quickly flashed "Reboot device" or something on the Zen, and then locked up. After I reset, it still just displays "Creative" and then "Zen" and then a black screen with the front panel lights on.

Talk about frustrating! But I know I'm not alone.

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