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Originally Posted by mattschuette View Post
SD and SDHC cards come preformatted. You shouldn't NEED to format them to get them working. But if you do format, 2GB and lower should be FAT and 4GB and larger (well, SDHC) should be FAT32. There are non-SDHC 4GB cards that don't actually conform to any standard... I guess those could go either way, but I'm not sure.
That particular SD was used in a device with proprietory format, so I had to reformat it. Formatting a 2G card w/ FAT results in very large cluster sizes, which, I suppose, really doesn't matter for music. It appears that the Pilot formats the 2G card as FAT32 by default.

I was actually able to use a 4GB non-HC miniSD in a Motorola Q (but not the HC variety).

I'm waiting for the 16GB SDHC to arrive this week. That will be nice...
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