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Originally Posted by neilgunton View Post
I guess the next question would be, which of those listed in the thread you referenced would be appropriate for the X5, without going into overkill mode? I want good sound, but obviously I don't want to spend $500 on a pair if a $100 pair would do the job. At what point does the earphone become the limiting factor, as opposed to the X5?
erm, Ive never actually heard an x5 so i cant really advise there. What I can say is that unless you want to go down the custom ear mold route, your spending is kind of limited. I would think that 100-200 USD would probably be a reasonable ammount, but it is very much the case that the more you spend, the more you get.

I think the conventional wisdom is to spend about 1/3 of your budget on source, 1/3 on amplification and 1/3 on speakers or headphones + a bit for cables and interconnects. I prefer to go 1/4 each on source and amp, then 1/2 on speakers/phones and use regular copper speaker cables/ homemade interconnects.

With regards to the stereo, you can either get an FM transmitter (crap) or a tape converter (crap). though if you haven't upgraded your car stereo in any way, it probably doesn't matter. On ballance, I would recomend the FM transmitter. they tend to be a bit less rubbish, and remove the need for cables.
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