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Originally Posted by digitalq View Post
Just to solidify a suspicion I talked about earlier:
I have no problems at all FF and RW'ing through an Audible (.aa) book. If I'm in normal play mode (not the chapter mode) then holding < or > for a beat or two results in the player starting to FF or RW. No audible indication, so need to watch the screen, but it seems to work fine. So in answer to snovvman's original question, it works fine here, perhaps you aren't holding down long enough, are in chapter mode (though FF and RW still work in chapter mode, you just have to hold down instead of click) or there is an issue with your player or firmware?

Chris, you are correct. It works as you described. Also, as illuminated by mattschuette, press and holding the "play" button will then allow one to use the wheel to traverse throught the content. Thanks for clarifying.
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