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Default best way to clean the screen?

hi all,

just got my ZVM today. was quite pleased with its saucy look, the only thing is it's in quite a grubby state (though it's a refurb so wasn't expecting anything new). it hasn't got any scratches on it, just some baked on smudges.... anyway, before i go for it with a damp napkin and drown it, was wondering if anyone had any advice on the best way to clean these things?
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Default How to clean the screen.

The best way that I found to clean the screen is to use a solution of Isopropyl Alcohol diluted in (preferentially) de-ionised or filtered water,
use a 50/50 mixture for best results.

(the reason i said filtered or de-ionised water is because ordinary tap water contains particles which may remain on the screen and dry out leaving white marks).

I recommend that you use only a clean lint free cloth, you can pick the isopropyl alcohol up in the form of a liquid and dilute it yourself or some electronics stores stock it in an aerosol can (usually doesn't cost more
than $20-$30 but its worth it).

Spray the mixture onto the cloth (NOT the screen), and wipe gently until you have removed all of the smudges and using a strong light source check for white marks or scratches, then just leave it to dry for about 5 mins and your good to go.

(You can use the above technique for LCD TV's or laptop or TFT flat panel monitors too and it will work wonders).
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wow, thorough...thanks!

and how about the water? will bottled do?
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Bottled water often contains minerals. As an alternative, you can use eyeglass cleaner and a cloth specifically designed for eyeglasses (these cost maybe a couple of bucks at any optometrist). Do not use a napkin or any other paper-based product, as these will scratch up your screen.
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