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Originally Posted by Vince View Post
Haha! Nice..

the first line is in Hindi and the 3rd is in Arabic.. but i have no idea what language the second line is in..

I'm a tamilian BTW

How did you learn the above varkie?
Second line is Punjabi as spoken by the Sikh people. It is their greeting and means something like, 'let truth be known all over the world'.

I have many friends from all over india. I was brought up in a town that was settled by many Indian people during the 1950s and 1960s.

I know a good few Tamil peps but never learned their greeting. You guys all have long names and you are like the Icelandic people in that the fathers name passes to the son. You can end up with names like Sabaratnam Sabanathan. Most of my fiends who are Tamil are actually from Sri Lanka.

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