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Of course you have somehow to modify the plug - or at least buy a bare plug for the sansa and wire the usb and audio...

To rewire a existing USB plug you have three options:
*) leave the usb cable untouched and add a second, modify the housing of the plug to route a second cable for the aux.out out of it. (this is what i have done)... It is of course a bit tricky, but with some soldering experience and a dremel youll quickly find your way.

*) If you have a second usb-cable and only need this for your car/stereo.., you can rewire the D+/D- cables from the usb to the audio-pins. Than you can charge the device and get aux.out over only one cable. Just build a special USB-socket which provides 5V on the power-pins and takes audio from the Data pins and maybe route them to a 3.5mm jack.

*) replace the USB cable with an (at least) 6-wire cable and connect it to the power-pins, usb-data and audio pins... On the other side split it and mount one usb connector and a 3.5mm jack. Now you have all in one cable, and full functionallity.

I have figured out the pinout from the two pic posted on this thread (i mentioned the link earlier)

1 & 2... red/+5V
3 & 6... blk/gnd
5 ....... white/USB data
4 ....... green/USB data
28 ...... left audio out
27 ...... right audio out

sorry, i have not made any pics while building the connector - and now i have it hotglued together (bec. i had to dremel some clips away).

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