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so you going to build the cable i described in my second point. (one cable out of the e200-plug, no USB-data connection possible, auido over the usb-data lines)

You have to have _three_ wires coming from you 3.5mm plug - mybe you have cut the shielding - or the green and black wires are actually coax-cables and have a own shielding. The shielding is connected with the ground contact of the plug.

*)First you have to open the sansa plug (sharp knife, on the front side you can pull the cage of plug open).
*)One part of the metal shielding can be removed, the other is connected to the shield of the cable. Just bend it a bit away.
*=Locate the USB-Data cables (green, white) - they should go to the pins 5 & 4.
*)Desolder them and
*)solder them onto the Audio out pins (28,27) - which to where is not that important - you only will swap left/right-channels.
*)Close the connector again.

So, connections you have to make:

The two "ex-data-now-audio" wires go to the green and black wires of the 3.5 plug. And the black wire from the e200 go to the ground (shield!) of the 3.5mm plug.

Additional you can solder a second cable to the ground and the red wire (from the e200) and provide a +5V input to charge the device.

Happy wireing!
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