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Old 12-17-2007, 03:00 PM
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hey, don't mean to crash your thread but i had a similar query regarding the filing system on my vision m

basically i'm an pretty messy, disorganised person...but now i'm gradually filling up my 30gb, i'm trying to keep stuff in order! but sometimes how things are organised on my vision frustrates me

say I put an album on by a particular artist, but there are some guest stars on said album. when i click through the ''artists'' option, rather than coming up with 1 artist for that album, it'll give me several!

i guess it's not really the zen's fault; more windows media player when it ripped the cd in the first... it has to be so damn exact, that it name checks everyone on the album

ok one example i have is the King Geedorah album, Take Me To Your leader....which features a few guest stars...say i'm browsing through the artists tab, thinking of what to put on and i come across this... for the same album, it has 4 different artists in the list... and if i click on one (say, King Geedorah) it'll only list the songs with just that artist; not good if i want to listen to the whole album.... I know I can just go through the albums tab and select 'Take me to your leader', but sometimes my mind doesnt work like that, ya know

is there anyway I could keep it like this (for the sake of simplicity) but have 'King Geedorah' work as some kind of shortcut, so when I click on it, it'll take me to every track featuring him, including those that arent solo?

i was also going to ask if there were programs around that allowed me to edit several ID tags at once (as some music I download has slightly differing info, putting my mp3s all over the place) but it looks like a couple have been posted above. can i edit the info of mp3s that are already on the zen vision m?

hope this made some semblence of sense
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